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Our Values

About Nemja Group

Our Values
We all want Nemja to be the very best. Being the best means upholding
the great reputation Nemja has built over the years. Our five values
have been with us throughout our development as an organisation and
make a difference to the way we think, act and do business with our
customers and suppliers. The Nemja Way is underpinned by the
values that the Nemja brings to the business.

Our values are:
Integrity: Our relationships are built on trust. Those who work for us,
and with us, have a right to be treated fairly. We will not compromise on
maintaining the highest safety standards. Our reputation matters to us.
We are here for the long term.

Intelligence: We take an intelligent approach to everything we do. We
pool our skills and energies in pursuit of the best solutions.
Performance­: Delivering value for our customers, partners and
shareholders is the focus of our work. We work hard to generate
excellent results.

Teamwork: We are committed to realising our vision through teamwork.
Our people and our processes work together in a connected and
seamless way.

Respect for people & communities: We strive for an inclusive culture
based on mutual respect. We respect each other, our suppliers, our
customers, our partners, our communities and society at large. We
communicate openly with each other and we listen.

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